Sendy Milosh

Hello. Excuse for troubling. I no longer know where and to whom to turn. I am a pensioner. My grandson has very big problems in life. The only person he has is me. But I am no longer able to help him financially. To get on your feet and continue to live in society, rejoice, laugh, work, earn a living, create your own world, marry and have children, like all PEOPLE, you need only 3000 euros. And I have nowhere to wait for help. I very much ask you to spread my pain, my request. I believe that there are kind and helpful people in the world. Help collect this amount - 3000 euros. Let everyone hear my soul cry. For God's sake, everyone who reads my prose, let him transfer at least 1 (one) euro to a bank card. This is not a very large amount. May God give everyone health. Thank you all for your diligence in helping my only grandson. FOR GOD'S Sake, PUBLISH MY REQUEST AS MORE AS POSSIBLE. Feel both my and my grandson's pain. Be merciful. Bank card: Master Card 5261 6333 3322 2355 Date 12/24 MR ZAUR ASLANOV

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3000 руб.

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Начало сбора: 2021-02-24

Автор сбора: Sendy Milosh Sendy Milosh | Sendy58

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