Business investment. Purchase of grain (agricultural trader)

Hello, my name is Andrey Vladimirovich. I come from Ukraine and we all know that Ukraine is a country with fertile land and one of the most popular types of income is working with land. I myself grew up in the village and I understand in all areas of agriculture. Each person has his own small, but business, someone grows crops, my goal is to sell. I would like to deal with the purchase of crops. I have a warehouse with an area of ​​500 m2, which may contain goods worth 1,500,000 UAH (50,000 dollars). The warehouse is located in the village, it is from the people of whom I plan to purchase grain goods.I know people well, all about crops as well. The harvest season will soon begin, and the financial situation leaves much to be desired. If you can allocate something for the implementation of my business, I will be very grateful. With all respect, Andrew

Необходимая сумма

30000 руб.

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Начало сбора: 2020-03-31

Автор сбора: Luybov Luybov | Luybov Andreeva

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